Meet: stylist, Felicity Landrock-Mettam

Explain your role, and what you do?

As a fashion and interior stylist I work on briefs for clients right from the start. They may have a visual they love that I can work from or we can sit down together and discuss mood, intention, etc. and go from there. With fashion this will depend on several factors such as the style or the type of shoot – there’s a lot of ‘ideas’ tailoring.

With talent it’s a little more complicated as there are so many people involved. If a client is paying them to be in a commercial for example, the client will be the one who will brief me rather than the celebrity. I then have to find a look that pleases both. With most talent I work with, we have a strong relationship and I have to crawl inside their ‘dressing mindset’, what parts of them they don’t love so much, which parts they do, so I will always ensure they are comfortable and confident. I guess that’s my role, making them feel like the most stylish and well-put together version of themselves possible, within certain briefs and requirements.

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What did you do previously (including Uni/courses) and when did you decide to ‘go it alone’?

After getting four As at a-level I pursued a rather academic line of study and did English Literature at Exeter before a Masters at Oxford (part time)

Which celebrities have you worked with?

Nicole Scherzinger, Jessie J, Pixie Lott, Hunter and the Bear, Rothwell, among others

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What would you say was your ‘big break’, when did you realise things were truly on the right track?

I think you’re always growing and working hard so I wouldn’t really think of myself as having had a big-break. I’ve had some marvellous opportunities, I travel abroad, and have had a lot of fun, but you’re always looking to improve.

What was your weirdest moment in your job, a moment when you thought ‘this is crazy, I can’t believe this is my life and this would be TV documentary gold of the highest order’?

Clubbing with ‘Scherzy’ (Nicole) in Pasha Mallorca. We were all tired from shooting a nightmare commercial and needed to let off steam. It was crazy because a few people thought she was a lookalike, and didn’t realise she was the real deal.

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Name some of your style icons

Audrey Hepburn, obvs. Olivia Palermo, Gwyneth Paltrow, Brittany Murphy (RIP) in ‘Uptown Girls’ – she really made me start experimenting with making my own clothes and being unique.

Favourite designers?

Temperley – quirky and fun pieces to liven up your day and outfit. If I’m wearing an outfit that doesn’t make me feel confident and good then I am guaranteed to have a bad day. A lace dress, pretty blouse or statement jacket always helps. Her LFW show is always so amaze. Also, I think she must be a lovely person to know, I met her once at a sample sale when I was an intern at Elle. It didn’t matter who I was and I was obviously junior but she was so sweet and kind to me, and that’s always stayed with me.

alice t

When I’m dressing up I love Dior shapes, or Alexander McQueen. There is something lyrical and playful about their frocks. They can have a gorgeously classic silhouette but be in a flamboyant print or colour.

I like the clothes I wear to be a curated essence of myself, fashion is art, art is often fashion. It should be talked about, desirable, textured, playful and most importantly considered.

Favourite piece in your wardrobe

It has to be my vintage Temperely military jacket. It gets wheeled out to every LFW with a Sykes silk shirt and black leather pants, and it always gets papped.

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Fashion motto? 

Always overdress, it’s better to be overdressed than underdressed!

What does your daily routine consist of for your job?

It is literally different every day! But it always starts with a green juice. I attempt a dynamic pilates class or orange theory class every day too.

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What was your favourite project to work on? One that you were the most proud of?

My house, my wedding and my husband (he’s super stylish now) and I get to enjoy those things personally every day. And no-one can judge them.

What are the most challenging, difficult parts of your job?

The time and stress, it’s not 9-5. I remember working with one girl and being so busy I didn’t have time to go home (I lived in Guildford) so I would take an Addy-lee to drive me around the M25 to get some sleep. And often, sadly, the thanklessness. You can bust your balls on one job and the moment it finishes (*or often during) you have to start up on the next one, without being able to take a breath. Also, juggling increasingly non-existent budgets!

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If you hadn’t have been a stylist, what would you have done?

I love art and am currently working as an art-advisor alongside styling. I am also keen to write up my thesis into a book, it’s about the semiotic engenderment of women through social convention rather than inherent biology.

What are your views on the role of Instagram in the fashion industry?

I adore Instagram, I’m a fitness and diet junkie so I mainly follow that, alongside some art peeps and American Vogue editors.

How do you find time to juggle relationships?

Ask my husband…. Our wedding (as featured in Brides March 2014 was my most successful styling event to date J) – although seriously, I couldn’t have had the life and career I have had without a financially and emotionally stable relationship behind me. And my friends, who have had to put up with me missing things, being unable to commit to things, but who have stood by me throughout.

What advice would you offer to people trying to get into the industry?

If there is anything else in the world you can do, do it. Fashion will take your soul and life entirely. Which is fine, as long as you know that from the start.

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What do you read both online and in print to keep ‘in the know’ and to get inspired?

I subscribe to Elle, Vogue, Tatler, Elle Deco, and read blogs all the time: Goop, fitness blogs: Everysecondcounts. I just keep my eyes open all the time and reads anything and everything that takes my fancy.

Who would you most like to work with in the future?

Taylor Swift. I Love her! But actually, I am feeling more editorially inclined now, and am moving increasingly towards interiors and the Art world. Maybe I’ll move into different circles. Who knows!

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