The Edit: As Good as Gold

Each golden day was cherished to the full, for one had the feeling that each would be the last. Tomorrow it would be winter.’

 Elizabeth Enright, The Four-Story Mistake 

Scallop Edge Napkin in Sunflower & Ivory, £18

Odyssey Luxury Velvet Bolster Cushion, £115

Tea House 18ct Gold Earrings, £530

Casilda Jacket, £158

Flo Mule, £420

Celeste Dress, £153.30

Mobile Berlin £115

Carmela sculptured flower vase, £420

Dangle Earrings, £60

Finola Cream Boots, £440

Embroidered pointelle-knit merino wool sweater, £658

Lillie Bracelet, £150

Bellhop Table Lamp, £205

Tiger high neck top, £55

Glitter Boot, £158

Mini Dress, £400

Lynx Luxury Linen Fabric, £50 p/m

Turmeric French Flax Linen Bedding Set, £220

Venetian Slipper, £310

Apollo Vast, £40

Sol Gold Hoop Earrings, £395

Mars plate, £34

Ruched Jersey Maxi Dress, £1,365

Tangier Frilly Cushion, £75

Wave Hoop Hearings, £85

Eccomi cape-effect crepe gown

Handblown Glass Tumbler, £15

Gold Earrings, £68

Lily Dress, £1,100

Antique-style Gold Lamp, £187.19

Ephron Leather Baguette Bag, £217.40

Be Moonstone Hoops, £205

Rare edition Leonard Cohen, £1,098